Bug Box!

Glowing Caterpillar

Build your very own creeping caterpillar, add some of our special glow paint to his head and body and then switch the lights of to see him light up. But caterpillars don’t stay caterpillars for long; soon they'll trade in their little legs for some wonderful wings and grow into something spectacular.

A Girl Making the Glowing Caterpillar

Friendly Spiders & Web

Build and paint your very own smiley spiders, and then make a pipe-cleaner web for them to hang from! Don’t worry, with wiggle eyes and a cheeky smile they’ll be the most welcome arachnids in your home!

A boy making spiders

Beautiful Butterflies

Investigate the marvellous designs found on the wings of a butterfly, and then add your own creativity to create your very own tie-dye designs! Add a wooden peg body and decorate with pom-poms to complete your butterfly’s very fashionable look!

A Girl with butterfly decorations on her hat

Exploration Jar

Create a cosy habitat for some insect friends! Use stickers and a mesh lid to make a stylish and safe temporary home. Add any bugs you find to your jar and use your magnifying glass to inspect their impressive features. Remember to let them back out again, though!

A Girl studying bugs in a jar

Books: Bugs

There are so many fascinating facts about insects, from how many legs they have to where they live and what they eat! Brush up on your creepy crawly knowledge with a brilliant sticker book. Then wow your friends and family with some amazing facts!

Bugs sticker book

Artist Box!

Splatter Painting

It's time to get a little bit messy by recreating some of Jackson Pollock's huge splatter painting art. Wrap elastic bands around a cardboard box, and roll a paint-splattered brush along to create a wonderful, chaotic clash of colours.

A boy creating a splatter painting

Mondrian's Canvas Art

Modern art is made up of many inventive techniques, but few artists are more bold than Mondrian and his use of bright, contrasting colours. Create your own version of his work on your own mini canvas. Hang it up and admire from afar!

A girl holding a Mondrian style art canvas

Impressionist Landscape

Explore the flair of the Impressionist movement by dreaming up your own mysterious landscape. Create your masterpiece on sandpaper with chalks, and then use a dry paintbrush to blur your image in the same way impressionist artists strived to perfect.

A girl showing her mum her Impressionist landscape

Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Design your own version of Vincent Van Gogh's stunning Sunflowers. While Van Gogh explored his subjects with swirling colours of paint, you'll build your sunflowers using pipe cleaners and beads, placing them into your own decorated vase.

A boy with his Van Gogh sunflowers craft

Book: The Impressionist

Walk into a beautiful world of art, artists and visionaries. Learn all about the big movements in art, and how design and skill changed over the years, but appreciation of a great work did not.

A book about the Impressionists

Colour Box!

Colour Spinner

Investigate how the human eyes respond to colour and pattern by creating your own tabletop spinner. Use your pattern guidelines to mix together a series of different colours, give your spinner a twirl and explore what happens to the colours. How does the image change? How could your eyes possibly be seeing colours that aren't actually there?

A boy spinning his colour spinner

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows create stunning sights by utilising the sun to shine through coloured glass. Design your own stained glass picture using different colours of tissue paper. Cut them into shapes, create a unique design and then hang it in front of a window. Wait patiently for the sun to shine through, and see what happens to the colours!

Materials and Instructions for the stained glass window craft

Coloured Glasses

Make a set of glasses that, instead of clear lenses, feature different colours of cellophane. Watch carefully as you observe objects, placing your glasses in front of your eyes and away again. Build another set, using another different colour, and explore the world in the same way. Then see what happens as you place one on top of the other. How do the colours mix in light and dark rooms?

A child creating their coloured lenses

Tie-Dye Bunting

Tie-Dye's groovy roots back in the 1960s experimented with dying clothes with vivid and bright colours, while materials were twisted, tied or contorted. The simple technique gave way to some of the most iconic design patterns ever. Using powdered drink sachets, create your own inventive designs on silk, then hang them up as some far-out bunting!

Two girls holding up their tie-dye bunting

Book: Mosaics

Mosaics are noted as one of the oldest art forms; a fascinating combination of colour and shape to create stunning images. Explore how you can create your own mosaics, using reusable stickers experiment with different designs, creating your own or bringing colourless drawings to colourful life!

Mosaics sticker book

All the materials you need to explore, learn, create and play: choose a box with 1, 2 or 4 projects.