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build a book

Build A Book Activity Sheet | World Book Day Craft

Your toucanoo can celebrate World Book Day by writing their very own storybook! Just download and print out our activity sheet for a step by step story writing guide!

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Our activity sheet also includes handy instructions on how to fold a piece of A4 paper to make a mini ten page book!

This print out activity sheet guides your child through the writing process, helping them to brainstorm plot lines, characters, and settings.

If your toucanoo has always dreamed of being an author then this is the perfect activity to let their creative side run wild! Or, if your child has difficulty sustaining an interest in reading, then writing their own story can inspire them to engage with books in a completely new way.

Download Activity Sheet

make a mini book

Creative writing can be extremely beneficial to your child’s development and understanding of the world. Not only does writing allow your child to reflect upon their own experiences, it provides the opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts in a safe, imagined scenario. Writing a fictional story helps children to imagine how problems can be resolved and prompts them to empathise with characters who are sometimes very different from themselves.

If your child struggles to engage with this task you can remind them of their favourite stories and suggest that they write something similar. You may even find it helpful to play music, visit a local museum, or explore the outdoors to really stimulate their imagination.

The most important thing is that your child feels comfortable to try, and supported in their exploration of writing. When they come to write their story in the paper book encourage them to feel a sense of pride for their creation, it could inspire a real love of literature!

Download Activity Sheet


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