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Make Your Own Christmas Handprint Cards

Snowmen handprint cards

Christmas cards are nice to send, but sometimes they get a little impersonal. A picture of holly on the front, a ‘merry Christmas and happy new year’ in the middle, and a little scribble of a signature. The thought is still there, but they’re not going to survive January’s recycling bin.

But if you made your own cards, well that would be something different. Get the kids involved for some memorable, charming handprint Christmas cards. They’ll show off their creative flair, your personal touch, and tiny handprints on cards is effortlessly cute. In our eyes that adds up to the perfect Christmas card.

Making your handprint Christmas cards

You’ll just need a few items to get started on your handprint Christmas cards. You might already have these things lying around the house, but Christmassy colours of paints is a really nice finishing touch. You could have a think about what designs you’d like to create first, to inform your paint colour choice.

You Will Need

snowflake handprint christmas card

How To Do the Christmas handprint cards with kids:

Start with a blank piece of card folded in half, or blank cards (you can pick these up from most stationary shops). Have a think about what designs you might want to create (see below for our inspiration).

Place some paint on a plate to give you enough space to cover your hand in paint. Dip your hand or finger in the paint. Make sure it’s covered in the right area. Alternatively you can use a brush to paint your fingers. But be warned: This can get very ticklish.

Press it onto the card. Since you’re in this messy state, you might want to create the same design on a few Christmas cards. You’ll likely need to send a lot of those beautiful homemade Christmas cards, after all.

Leave the paint to dry.

Once it’s dry, use pens, crayons and glitter glue to bring your card to life. Add drawn designs to your handprints to turn them from a simple print into a Christmas scene.

Write a super personal message in your card. Pop it in an envelope, add a stamp and send it to your loved ones!

Our own Christmas handprint cards:

At toucanHQ we had a little art session to see what some of our toucanoos could come up with. Some were amazing and some… well maybe you could do a little better.

The hand print snowmen

Snowmen handprint Christmas card

Little thumbprint snowmen all in a row. We added dot faces and snowflake sequins to create a snowy scene.

Santa? I know him - he is right here on my Christmas card!

Santa handprint Christmas card

With a few red and white thumbprints Santa is heading down a chimney. Or flying through the air to avoid turtles in a swamp. It’s all up to interpretation.

Holly on the tree

holly handprint Christmas card

On a shop-bought card the holly designs are always left for last. Because, well, they’re a little bit boring (it’s not like they can compete with flying reindeers). But with a few green fingerprints and some glitter berry dots, the holly cards are sure to become a favourite.

White Christmas?

snowflake handprint Christmas card

We can always hope. Use your little ones whole finger to make those snowflakes.

Preferring homemade Christmas without to much mess?

You can print out our free toucanboo Christmas card template and get your little ones to coulour in and give them your personal finish.


We’d love to see your creations, so why not share them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #toucanBox. Our favourite snaps could feature in the next issue of toucanBox Magazine!

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