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Homemade Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas wrapping paper

It turns out wrapping paper is expensive, and sometimes a little bit bland. If you’re making some great homemade gifts this year then have a go at making your own wrapping paper, too! You can pick up inexpensive plain paper rolls at your local post office or stationary shop, or you could use whatever paper you have lying around the house.

Experiment with designs too! We’ve kept our designs simple and repetitive (you don’t want to be spending hours upon hours making paper that’ll get ripped apart in an instant) but let your creativity run wild! You could even make the design personal to the person you’re giving the gift to!


You Will Need

Our patterns

Check out our Christmas trees…

Christmas tree paper

And snowflakes and stars…

Snowflake wrapping paper

You can use our designs or just make up your own! We love the idea of reindeers, Santa hats or holly!

What To Do:

1 Draw your design onto the paper using the crayons. Thicker lines work best.

Christmas tree paper

2 Add some colour. Press hard onto the paper to make it really waxy!

Colour in trees

3 Mix your paint with water to make it very thin.

4 Cover your wax drawings with the watery paint. Leave to dry.

paint over paper

5 Time to get wrapping! Use your paper to cover the gifts for your favourite people.

Share your creations with us

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