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colour by numbers printable

Colour By Numbers | World Maths Day

Colouring by numbers is a great way to teach your child problem solving skills while encouraging their creativity!

In this activity your child needs to figure out the sums on the print out sheet. Their answers will tell them what colours to use on each part of the drawing so they can create a beautifully coloured scene!

Download Colour By Numbers Printable

colour by numbers printable

This printable encourages your child’s ability to problem solve, apply knowledge, and follow instructions, skills which can be key to their development. However, children often feel anxious when first encountering numbers, so using colouring to teach maths can help to calm any anxiety your child may have.

If your child is struggling or becomes impatient when calculating the sums try to demonstrate the maths problem in a visual way. For example, you could use objects to represent the sum in a way that they can touch and interact with. All children learn differently so there’s many ways of achieving a perfectly coloured picture!

Crack out your thinking cap and colours for a math-tastic activity! And don’t forget to share your creations online!

Download Colour By Numbers Printable

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