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dancing skeleton puppet

Dancing Skeleton Puppet Craft | Halloween DIY

We love getting spooky at toucanBox and have a fangtastically fun and easy Dancing Skeleton Puppet craft for you to make at home! It’s super simple to make, lots of fun to play with and makes a great party decoration too.

Let’s Make the Dancing Skeleton Puppet

You Will Need

Download Skeleton Template

What To Do:

1 Print out template and cut out the skeleton pieces.

cut out the template

2 Use a hole punch or push a pencil through the holes on the skeleton template.

use the hole punch

3 Place the skeleton template face down. Lift the body piece and slot 4 split pins through the holes of the body facing upwards.

slot in the pins

4 Thread some string (approximately 10cm long) through one of the arm holes and tie a knot to secure it. Once you have tied the knot flatten the split pin to make it secure.

thread in the string

5 Thread through the other arm and tie a knot. Again flatten the split pin and make sure the string is taut. Trim off any excess string.

flatten the spilt pins

6 Repeat the process on the legs.

Tip: Try and make sure the knot is positioned above the hole - this will make your skeleton dance better.

repeat the process

7 Attach a piece of string approximately 40cm long to the arms and legs, tying a knot in the middle of both pieces of string as shown.

tie a knot in the middle

8 Attach a piece of string through the hole above the head and hang your skeleton. Pull the bottom string to make it dance.

make your skeleton dance

Download Skeleton Template


Q: Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the Halloween party? A: He had no body to dance with!

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