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Easter egg baubles

Egg Baubles | Easter Decoration for kids of all ages

Our free Easter Egg Baubles printable is perfect for making a simple and cute Easter decoration with the kids

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Decorate indoors this Easter with adorable Egg baubles! Simply cut out our free egg templates and stick them together for an egg-stra special bauble decoration! 

You can hang your baubles up around the house to celebrate the Easter holiday, or you could display them around the garden for a special Easter Egg hunt. Check out our actvities page to create Easter egg hunt cards and get going with your very special Easter egg hunt.

Be sure to share your Egg bauble decorations on social media! We can’t wait to see how you transform the room with your amazing creations.

If you want to make lots of egg baubles be sure to print out the bauble template a few times!

Let’s Make the Easter Egg Baubles

You Will Need

Download Egg Bauble Template

How to do the Easter Egg Baubles:

1 Download and print out the Egg Bauble template. Carefully cut out the egg templates.

cut out the egg templates

2 Fold each egg template in half vertically.

fold in half

3 Line up two egg templates back to back (so that the patterned side faces outwards and the white paper faces inwards). Glue half of each egg together. 

glue half of each egg together

4 Repeat this process with another two egg templates.

glue half of another two egg templates together

5 Cut a length of string and tape one end to the back of an egg.

tape string to egg template

6 Glue the four eggs together as shown.

glue four eggs together

7 Your egg bauble is ready to be hung up! Tie the string around tree branches, curtain rails or bed steads to display your beautiful bauble! *

decorate with egg baubles

Download Egg Bauble Template

Extra Challenge: For an especially colourful decoration why not use six egg templates to create a bauble? Just repeat step 4 to get more sides to your bauble. 

If there is time for more Easter crafts, you can check out or [Top 3 Easter crafts] ( that you can do with your kids. One is even edible and will satisfy any sweet tooth. If you are looking for more guided activities we can recommend our fantastic new Flower Press activity and box if you like.


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