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spring cress eggs

Grow Spring Cress Eggs At Home

On Wednesday 20th March, we officially stepped out of the long, cold (sometimes weirdly hot) winter and finally, finally entered Spring once again. So let’s prepare ourselves for sunny spells, April showers, flowers in bloom, baby animals and, of course, the odd chocolate egg or two.

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It’s the perfect time to grow something at home! Growing any kind of plant or flower is a fascinating experience for children, and encourages the development of some key scientific skills. Encourage them to observe and record daily changes, consider how often they need to feed the plant, and to draw conclusions about what a plant needs to live. We’ve suggested using cress seeds because they grow so quickly - and so do require slightly less patience - but you could have a go and using different seeds. Grass also works very well, too.

To encourage that dash of science around the craft, you can download a plant journal to record your plant’s progress, and learn a thing or two about what a flower needs to grow.

Download Plant Journal

Next time you break a few eggs, give them a little wash and pop them to one side for this activity. A top tip: try and crack the eggs as close to the top as you can. This will give you slightly more room to watch your plants grow, and allow a good surface level for adding cute little Spring-inspired faces to them!

We’ve provided a very cute template to turn your eggs into chicks and bunnies. But if you don’t have a printer you can always come up with your own designs. We have also some more fun Easter crafts for you to check out and have fun while celebrating this special season.

Let’s Make Spring Cress Eggs

Download Cress Animals Template

You Will Need

How To Do The Spring Cress Eggs:

1 Crack two eggs and wash out the shells. Try to make the split as close to the top as possible. This will give you more planting space. Put the eggs to one side to make something yummy.

crack some eggs

2 Print out the template and cut out your character pieces.

cut out spring character templates

3 Cut the toilet roll tube into 4 equal pieces. Wrap your base strips around two of the pieces, and glue into place.

cut toilet roll

4 Place your egg shells on top of the toilet roll bases. Stick on your character pieces to turn the eggs into a cute chick and a bouncing bunny! Add eyes and draw little faces!

add character pieces to eggs

5 Wet your cotton balls with water and place about 3 in each egg shell. Sprinkle some cress seeds over the top of the cotton wool, making sure they’re nicely spread out.

add cotton wool and seeds to your eggs

6 Place your Easter buds in a sunny place - a windowsill should work well. Check them every day to make sure they don’t dry out. Add a little water when they do. Your cress should grow in about 2 weeks.

let your cress heads grow

7 To track the progress of your cress, and learn some fascinating facts about plants, download and print out our observation journal!

Download Plant Journal


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