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Halloween Mask Printable - Simple Halloween Mask Ideas For Kids

Want to make simple Halloween costumes for the kids?

It’s easy to spend a small fortune on Halloween costumes for kids (only to throw them out before next year’s Halloween)! This Halloween why not make a simple, creative, and cost effective Halloween costume with our mask template?

Download Halloween Mask Template

Not only does a crafted costume save you pennies, it’s also a great opportunity to spend quality time together as a family, making something super spooky! Little ones will love sitting with you to brainstorm spooky Halloween characters and then making them come to life with a range of colours and craft materials!

Crafting a mask can also reduce the amount of non-recyclable materials we throw away. Most of the materials we used to make our masks were recyclable and more eco-friendly than a shop-bought plastic mask would have been. Why not use items you were going to put in the recycling bin to make your Halloween masks? It’s a great way to teach kids about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling, they’ll be amazed by what they can create from materials that would have been thrown away!

So cover your work surface with old newspapers (these things tend to get messy!) and get out all of your decorating bits and bobs and your cardboard odds and ends. Download and print off as many mask templates as you need and gather round for a spooky crafting session!

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Halloween crafting for kids.

Halloween is such a good time to get crafting with little ones because there is so much to inspire their imagination! Channel their excitement for the spooky season into a creative project and you’ll be amazed by the awesome things they conjure up…

Masks are a simple but effective costume choice, they make the character immediately identifiable without having to invest in the entire wardrobe! Furthermore, kids can easily switch between masks, roleplaying as several spooky personas in just one night. This imaginary play is sure to spark all sorts of adventurous role play. Encourage your little ones to invent a different character for each mask, prompt them with questions about how their character walks, talks and thinks. You could even improvise a spooky scene and join in with their imaginary world. Roleplay, as well as being lots of fun for kids, is also a great way to develop their problem solving skills, imagined scenarios give little ones a safe space to anticipate challenges and adapt to changing settings.

Have fun inventing a Halloween story to play out together as different creatures and characters. Need some help getting started on your Halloween adventure? We’ve got you…

How crafting helps your child's development

Mask designs for you to try!

Here’s a little inspiration to help the creative juices start flowing! Check out our creepy creations below and make your own interpretations! We recommend gluing the mask template to a piece of card and cutting it out, this will make the mask sturdier and easier to apply glitter, paint and stickers to. We added a lollipop stick to the bottom of our masks to hold them over our faces, but you could use a hole punch and elasticated ribbon to tie the mask around your head.

Petrifying Pumpkin mask

To make this pumpkin masterpiece we stuck orange card to the mask template. Then, we added green card and glitter glue to create a stalk and glued yellow shapes around the eyes and nose area to make it look as though it was lit from within! Finally we added gold glitter glue for that spooky sparkle that makes pumpkins glow in the dark! pumpkin mask

Vampire Bat mask

This creepy creature was made with black card and pink foam pieces! Cut out two curved ears from black card (remember to make them curved, else your bat could look like a cat) and glue to the back of the mask template. We stuck two white paper fangs beneath the nose piece and added some glitter glue so that it would shimmer in the bat caves… vampire bat mask

Wacky Witch mask

This hex-ellent creation was made using a green card base. We added a hat of black paper, with a foam belt and shiny buckle! Then, pipe cleaners were taped behind the hat to make some curly hair and we used a purple felt tip to add facial features. The witch then needed some finishing touches; big blobs of glitter glue for the witchy warts and star stickers for her hat! witch mask

Download Halloween Mask Template

Be sure to share your magical masks with us on social media! We’d love to see the amazing mask designs you created and the fun games you played as spooky Halloween characters!

Want further Halloween inspiration?

Make a tasty treat to snack on whilst making your masks with our simple Boonana Pops recipe! Once your masks are ready, why not play a Treasure Hunt game? Perfect for entertaining little boys and ghouls on Halloween night!

Happy Halloween from the toucanBox Team!


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