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halloween treasure hunt

Halloween Treasure Hunt | Printable Clue Cards For Halloween Games

Need an alternative to trick or treating?

We know that Halloween plans might be different this year but there’s still plenty of spooky fun you can have inside!

Make Halloween sweet treats even more exciting with a treasure hunt game! Your children may not be able to go from house to house but they can still explore from room to room, scavenging for clues that lead them to Halloween treasure!

Download Halloween Treasure Hunt Clue Cards

Treasure hunting treats…

Not only does a treasure hunt offer kids a fun alternative to trick or treating, it can also help children to practise problem solving skills, reading, and numeracy (if you have more than one child then sharing out sweets is a great opportunity to learn division with a visual, tangible aid).

How to play…

It’s so simple to set up this treasure hunt game. Just download and print the clue cards, cut them up and hide them in the relevant places. Make sure that you write the location of the treasure in the blank space on card 6!

Guide your treasure hunting troop to the first card. The aim of the game is to figure out the hiding place of the next clue card until the treasure is found.

Guess the hiding place by the description on the card (hint: the name of the hiding place will complete the rhyme on the card!).

Prompt your little treasure hunters to think of the potential hiding places and let the fun begin!

Want to make your own treasure hunt? No problem! Simply fill in and cut out the blank treasure hunt cards. You can write all of your own clue cards or incorporate some of your own with the ready made ones!

Thinking through the clues…

If your treasure hunters struggle to figure out the location of the next clue card you can help them by suggesting words which fit the rhyme scheme.

If you anticipate your child/children will become impatient with the treasure hunt, why not leave a small sweet at each clue card location? This will encourage your child to continue the search, even if they find the activity a little challenging to begin with.

Looking for an alternative to sweets this Halloween?

The treasure at the end of the hunt doesn’t have to be traditional Halloween sweets! If you are hoping to choose a healthier option for your child you could replace sweets with fruit or a healthier self-made treat. Why not check out our fun Boonana Pop recipe? This chocolatey, fruity treat could be a great prize for the treasure hunters, as well as a fun activity to enjoy before playing the treasure hunt game.

If your kids love this treasure hunt you could encourage them to create their own. Siblings could create a treasure hunt for other siblings with the blank clue cards, or children could create a treasure hunt for their parents to follow! And clues don’t always have to be written: they could be made up as drawings, sing or dance performances and much more as well.

We hope you enjoy making a Halloween treasure hunt. Don’t forget to share your pics with us on social media, we would love to see how your little monsters got on with their treasure hunt and how they reacted to discovering a sweet stashed treasure trove!

Download Halloween Treasure Hunt Clue Cards

Happy Halloween from the toucanBox Team!


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