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Ice cube painting

Ice Cube Painting | Sensory Art Activity For Kids

Enjoy the summer sun with an exciting ice cube painting art activity! This simple art project with coloured ice cubes introduces kids to an unusual, original painting technique. Using ice to make colourful creations on a page is a sensory play activity your kids will love to experiment with. Follow our easy ice cube painting recipe and let your kids enjoy the fun and homemade ice cube painting over and over again. And the best: This activity does cost you nearly nothing and fills up so many hours of joy!

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This project is simple to make, taste-safe, and really easy to tidy up (just be sure to return the ice cubes to their trays!). It’s also fun to do outdoors in the summer sun and can prompt interesting science discussions! You could encourage your child to observe how being in the sunshine makes the colours of the ice cube art run more quickly from the ice cube and discuss why that might be.

So gobble up a colourful ice lolly and get ready to make some icy masterpieces!

Let’s Make The Ice Cube Paint

This is the only downside of this Ice Cube Painting project: The ice cubes need a few hours to freeze. As we all know, young kids are not always good when it comes to patience.

Best to prepare your little ones in advance that after the fun of mixing the colours into the ice cube tray you will have to wait until you can start with the painting fun. But don't worry! We have a lot of other fun and summery activities that you can do in the meantime. Check out our page about facts and crafts about bees, print out a lovely mandala for colouring in or read an exciting interview with a coral reef diver to your kids and teach your kids about the importance to protect coral reefs.

For the Ice Cube Paint You Will Need

How to make the Ice Cube Paint

1 Fill the ice cube tray with water.

fill the tray with water

2 Add a drop of food colouring to each compartment and mix. This is a great time to discuss the colour wheel and to experiment with combining different colours!

add food colouring

3 Add a lolly stick to each compartment.

add lolly sticks

4 Place the ice cube tray in the freezer. Once frozen, remove from the freezer and get painting! Make sure you place a waterproof material over your work surface!

get painting!

We hope you have fun making a cool, colourful creation in the sunshine. Be sure to share your paintings with us on social media!


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