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coral reef diver clown fish front

Interview With A Coral Reef Diver | Georgina Searle

We met up with Georgina Searle, a diver who explores coral reefs! Georgina told us all about the importance of coral reefs and the small changes we can make to our everyday lives to help protect them.

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Georgina has some amazing images from the coral reef, they're a great way to encourage children to engage in conversations about marine life and how our own sustainable living practices can help ocean creatures.

Why do you like visiting coral reefs?

Every single time I enter the water I am in awe of how colourful, weird and wonderful the coral and fish are! It’s amazing to see such rare creatures - I was even lucky enough to see a few whale sharks and manta rays!

coral reef creature blue and orange fish

Is it ever scary being so close to such strange looking creatures?

You learn that everything in the water has its place in the ecosystem and that includes the weirdest creatures too! I actually like the weird ones the best as they are so interesting!

coral reef creature squishy fish

What is the most important lesson you have learned from being a diver?

That we must respect the ocean. When you respect it, it rewards you with beautiful visitors!

Why is it so important that we protect coral reefs around the world?

The reef is a protective area for most marine species. They also protect coastlines from big waves and tropical storms. Without them, billions of marine creatures would lose their homes, and waves could destroy our homes and beaches.

coral reef creature clown fish

What can we do to help protect the coral reefs?

Try to reduce our carbon footprints. Walk more, try to reduce driving and unnecessary travel. We can also do beach clean ups! You can find beach clean ups in your local area or next time you are on your beach holiday, grab a big bag and get collecting!

Thanks to Georgina Searle for sharing her amazing work and wise words with us. If you would like to see more of the coral reef world then you can visit the Bali Dive Cove Instagram page.

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