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Mothers Day Homemade Gifts

Mother’s Day secrets

Right, are all the mums out of earshot? Good. Mother’s Day is almost upon us. Panic!

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Only kidding, don’t panic. Whatever you do, do not panic. Hopefully you’ve shown you mum just how much you love her every day of the year so far. But if there have been one or two slip-ups, silly arguments or strops (us, not them), today is the day to show her just how important she is. And at toucanBox, we’re going to help you go the homemade route. So we’ve come up with a very simple but effective card that you can easily make at home, plus a relaxing bath bomb to encourage her to treat herself to some well-earned relaxation, and a few tips for a sweet breakfast in bed. Ready? Let’s get creative.

Easy Handmade Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day secrets


You will need

What to do

1 Download the ‘Mum’ template and print it out onto paper. Cut along the dotted lines.

Cut out template

2 Fold the card in half. Use a little Blu-tac to attach the template to one side of the folded card.

Add template to card

3 Get your paint ready. With the brush, paint colours all over the front of the card. Try and cover all the lines between the template and the card. Get as messy as you like! Then leave it to one side to dry.

Paint over template

4 Peel away the template to reveal ‘mum’ written in paint on the front of your card! Ta-da!

Bath Fizz Homemade Gift

Bath bomb

You will need

What to do

1 Mix the bicarbonate of soda, cream of tartar, oil, and essential oils in a bowl.

Bath bomb mix ingredients

Give it a mix until it looks like this:

Bath bomb mix ingredients

2 Cut the top off the tea bags and tip the contents into the bowl. Stir into the mix.

3 Mix in a sprinkle of flower petals, or other decorations.

Add spices to mix

4 Spoon the mix into a clean, dry jar and seal with a lid. An old jam jar will work perfectly.

Bath bomb pour into jar

5 Decorate your jar. Use a ribbon to tie a teaspoon to the top. The spoon can be used to sprinkle the relaxing fizz into the bath. You could add a little homemade label telling your mum how much you love her!

Breakfast In Bed for a very special mum

You will need

What to do

1 Cut the bread into thick slices. Pop in the toaster.

2 Open up your jams and other spreads. Add a little teaspoon in each one.

3 Add hot water and a tea bag to the teapot. Grab a teacup. Place on the tray.

4 When the toast pops, stick it on a plate and add it to the tray.

5 Add a butter knife, your bath bomb gift and card to the tray. Carry it to your mum, who hopefully is still snuggly tucked up in bed. Throw on your best smile.

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