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New Years Fireworks Crafts

Firework scratch art

There’s nothing quite like watching the major cities all over the world light up with fireworks as midnight hits each one on the 31st December. To build up a bit of excitement this New Year’s Eve, you can make your very own arty firework display at home with just a few craft materials. If you’ve got some paper, crayons and black paint, you’re good to go. The activity itself is very easy and pretty addictive, meaning you can create a lot of varied pieces of art.

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Painting over glorious colouring that took a lot of hard work is initially a bit disparaging, so remind your kids that the outcome will definitely be worth it. Also try to not spend too much time on the colouring itself, because a lot of it will disappear. Just make sure the paper is fully covered and nice and waxy. The more waxy, the easier the paint will scratch off at the end.

Ready to create your colourful firework display? Let’s do this.

Make your own firework scratch art

You Will Need

What To Do:

1 Colour your paper all over with the crayons, taking care to colour over all the white space. Using the brightest colours will give you the brightest fireworks.

Colour in page with crayons

2 Paint over your crayon layer with poster paint and leave to dry.

Paint over crayons with black paint to create a scratch art sheet

3 When the paint has dried, use the wrong end of your paintbrush to scratch designs. Press down and draw like you would with a pencil. As you scratch the paint off the colourful wax will appear underneath! You can use simple patterns to create a firework landscape, or add the date of the new year. 2018 here we come!

4 Scratch away the top paint layer to make firework patterns.

Want to do more firework crafts?

Check out our lovely toucanoo fireworks colouring in. Print out the free PDF download and get your kids pick up some colourful pens and let them create another firework art!

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