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Rain shaker

The half term holidays can be tricky when trying to keep the kids entertained. Our Rainy Day Rain Shaker is a great craft to make on those days you’re stuck indoors.

Download our free Mati Rain Shaker printable for an extra fun decoration to stick on your craft. You could even experiment by filling the shaker with other materials like beans, beads and buttons to see how they change the sound the shaker makes.

Make sure you have a playlist ready to go so you can get dancing and shaking to the music right away!

Let’s Make It

You Will Need

Download Mati Printable

What To Do:

1 Paint the cardboard tube and leave it to dry.

paint the tube

2 Seal one end of the tube with a coffee filter and secure with an elastic band.

seal one end

3 Pour the rice into the tube.

pour in rice

4 Scrunch a length of tin foil (approx. three times as long as your tube) into a wiggly, coil shape. Put it into the tube, leaving a small amount sticking out of the top.

insert tin foil

5 Tape the end of the foil to a coffee filter. Then secure this filter with an elastic band to seal the other end of the tube.

seal the other end

6 Download and print out the Mati printable. Cut him out and stick him on to the Rain Shaker.

decorate with printable

Download Mati Printable

Now let’s shake it! Turn the music up and make some noise with your toucanoo!

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