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Santa Stop Here! Door Hanger | Christmas Printable

santa stop here

Need a Christmas Eve activity?

Christmas Eve is one of the most magical nights of the year. Even adults can remember the excitement of expecting Santa Claus!

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It’s so much fun to indulge your little ones in the magic of the season and sharing in their excitement is truly one of the best things about Christmas. Spend quality time together this Christmas Eve by making a craft that’s sure to get them even more excited for the big day!

Decorate and assemble this simple Christmas craft with your kids for an especially exciting Christmas Eve. When the door hanger is finished hang it on their bedroom door. When Santa Claus visits that night he’ll flip the door hanger over to the “Santa Stopped Here” side, your kids will be thrilled to see it when they wake up on Christmas morning!

Christmas Eve traditions to start with your kids…

Every family has its own Christmas traditions. Whether there’s a special Santa stocking that must be hung in a certain place, a particularly glittery bauble that always sits at the top of the tree, a festive film you watch together every Christmas Eve, or a family hot chocolate recipe that is always whipped out.

Starting a Christmas tradition with kids sparks memories they’ll cherish forever. Each of us probably remembers a special tradition we enjoyed each year with our families. Although there is a temptation to splurge on these special occasions, traditions don’t have to break the bank. Making our Santa Stop Here Door Hanger is super simple and cost effective. Just print the template, grab a pencil case and you’re good to go! Each year you can unpack the door hanger and remember the special time you spent together making it and how amazing it is that Santa himself flipped it over!

Little ones will love the excitement of Santa seeing and interacting with their very own craft. Be sure to encourage their sense of pride in their creation, Santa Claus himself will be seeing it!

How to make the Santa Stop Here door hanger

You Will Need

Download Door Hanger Printable Template

What To Do:

1 Download and print our free, printable Santa Stop Here Door Hanger template and glue to a piece of card.

santa stop here door hanger template glue to card

2 Cut out the stocking design from the card.

cut out santa stop here door hanger template

3 Turn over and apply glue to the cardboard side and fold together (so the design is on the outside).

fold together the door hanger

4 Use paints, pens and pencils to make sure your door hanger is bright and colourful! Use glitter for an extra Christmassy effect!

colour in and decorate the santa stop here door hanger

5 Hang the door hanger from their bedroom door handle using the candy cane as a hook!

Beautiful Santa Stop Here door hanger template to download for free

When Santa delivers presents that night he’ll switch the hanger around to the Santa Stopped Here side! They’ll be so excited to see he’s visited and that he used the craft they created with you!

Download Door Hanger Printable Template

Christmas crafting for kids

We have plenty of Christmas crafts available on our activities blog! Why not check out the traditional tale of Saint Nicholas and make a simple loo roll craft! Or you could make delicious Reindeer Marshmallow Pops, or Snow Slime for a fun sensory activity!

Christmas is a time for family and togetherness. Although slouching on the couch and gobbling chocolate is an enjoyable way to spend the festive season, don’t forget to squeeze in some quality time crafting. Making something with your child gives them fond memories of your Christmas together (and also sneaks in some extra learning whilst school is closed)!

We hope you have a fantastic time crafting and we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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