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printable star chart

Printable Resolution Star Chart | New Year Crafts

The new year is a great time for little ones to reflect on all the good they did last year and what they would like to get better at this year!

A weekly star chart can help to start them on the right path to upholding their new year resolutions. Taking small, everyday steps to achieve a long term goal.

resolution star chart

Let’s Make It

You Will Need

Download Star Chart Template

What To Do:

Simply download and print out the star chart. Fill in the blank sections of the chart with your child’s resolutions and then stick it somewhere easily accessible.

Decide on an end of week treat together and how many stars they’ll need to get it.

Add a star sticker every time they complete a task that contributes towards their resolution!

At the end of the week add up the stars together, and if they have enough (fingers crossed they do!) treat them to their reward!

Download Star Chart Template

When discussing your child’s resolutions it may help to encourage them to reflect on what they hope to achieve this year. This way they can appreciate how small, everyday tasks can lead to big, long term change! For example, if they want to get better at reading you could suggest they do fifteen minutes of reading aloud every day.

Good luck toucanoos! You can do it!


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