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Top 3 Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter Crafts

After the heavy bouts of snow and biting cold, the beautifully long, Spring-filled Easter weekend (we’re staying optimistic!) is going to be very, very welcome. Between the egg hunt (we have just the matching Easter egg hunt crafts for you: egg hunt cards and Easter egg hunt sign ) and overindulgence on chocolate, it can be difficult to find things to keep the kids busy. They will mostly be powered by sugar, too. So we dreamed up three fantastic craft ideas so you can spend some quality time together making, baking and creating. Slight word of warning, though: we’re not going to be helping towards the amount of chocolate consumed, oh no. It’s Easter, after all.

Three Easter Crafts

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1 - Carrot Egg Hunt Basket

Carrot basket

Start the great egg hunt with a hop in your step! What classier way to collect all that chocolate in your very own handmade carrot basket.

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You will need

How to do the Carrot Egg Hunt Basket

1 If you are creating a larger bag, glue the two sheets of orange paper together to make a giant sheet. Go on, be optimistic about how much chocolate you might find. Draw around a plate and cut out to create an orange circle.

Draw round bowl

Cut out circle

2 Fold the circle in half. Add glue to one quarter, fold, and glue again to make a cone.

Glue one quarter of the circle

Glue second quarter

3 Use a black pen to add lines onto both sides of the cone to make it look like a carrot.

Draw carrot lines

4 From the green paper, cut a strip and a zigzag shape.

Cut out decorations

5 Add the zigzag shape to complete the carrot. Glue the strip of paper inside the cone to make a handle.

Add carrot top and handle

2 - Giant Egg Piñata

Piñata easter egg

Why not make your egg ahead of time so you can use your treat-filled egg to decorate your house too!

You will need

How to do the Giant Egg Piñata

1 Mix ⅔ PVA with ⅓ water in a small bowl.

Make glue mix

2 Inflate your balloon and hang it up over some newspaper. Making sure to leave a small gap at the knot end. Cover with 2 layers of glue and strips of torn newspaper. Leave to dry, then remove the balloon.

Cover balloon in newspaper and glue

3 Decorate the egg using your hand inside to keep its shape. Stand on top of a bottle to dry.

Decorate egg

4 Use masking tape to attach a long piece of string to the inside of the top of the egg.

To decorate your house:

Turn the decorated egg upside down to sit on top of a short bottle to stop it blowing over.

To play:

Fill your piñata with treats and ask a grown-up to hang the piñata from the ceiling. Take it in turns with friends or family to hit the egg and win the treats inside!

3 - Recipe: Flower pot pudding

Flower pot chocolate

If you’re feeling a little full of chocolate, this might not be the antidote. But go on, anyway; it is delicious.

You will need

If you are looking for something savoury to fill up little stomachs before the chocolaty flower pot pudding gets gobbled up in a few seconds, we have just the right Easter recipe for you: Check out our popular Easter egg pizza.

How to do the Flower Pot Pudding

1 Break the cake up into small chunks and squash in the bottom of the bowl.

Break up sponge and biscuit

2 Ask an adult to melt some chocolate for you in a separate bowl.

Melt chocolate

3 Spoon a thick layer of melted chocolate over the pieces of cake.

Add chocolate

4 Place the biscuits in a bag or wrapped in the tea-towel, and crush using a rolling pin. Spoon a thick layer of crushed biscuit over the chocolate layer.

Sprinkle over biscuits

5 Draw and decorate some flowers on a piece of card. Cut them out. Glue the flowers to the top of the lolly sticks, and pop them in the soil.

Edible soil

If you are looking for something savoury to fill up little stomachs before the chocolaty flower pot pudding gets gobbled up in a few seconds, we have just the right Easter recipe for you: Check out our popular Easter egg pizza. After all this you might like the idea of creating some lovely Easter decorations which are super easy but super decorative, too. Print out our Easter egg bauble template and get creative. If you are looking for something that requires less rummaging for craft material you can order our fantastic new Flower Press box. Not only the box and its included activities are so much fun but also you can re-use the flower press over and over again!

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