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Valentine’s Day Cards To Make At Home

Valentine’s Day Crafting

You might not immediately think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday for children, but we believe it can be the perfect opportunity for your little ones to tell friends and family how much they love and appreciate them. And Valentine’s Day is no longer reserved exclusively for humans as nearly ten million pet owners now buy Valentine’s gifts for their pets each year! If your little one has a furry friend make sure they show them how much they’re loved with a special treat or two.

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One way for your little one to show friends and family how much they care is to make a homemade Valentine’s card. Follow our simple instructions below to make a personalised Valentine’s craft.

THE HANDPRINT CARD The Handprint Valentine’s Day Card

You Will Need

Handprint card

How to do the Valentine’s Day Card

1 Take one sheet of paper and fold it in half. Place your hand on the folded paper with your thumb at the folded edge. Trace your hand with a pencil.

2 Cut out your traced hand but don’t cut the folded edge where your thumb is.

3 Open the hands and you will find a heart between the thumb and pointer fingers. Glue the hands onto a second sheet of coloured paper.

4 Add a frame, some stickers, and a love note.

Give it to someone special!

Valentine’s postcards to colour

Tips For A Lovey Valentine’s Day

If you’re still struggling to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, we’ve put together a few suggestions to get everyone feeling lovey-dovey:

Share the love.

At dinner, go around the table and ask everyone to share one reason why they love each member of the family (or each friend, depending on who is there!).

Be kind.

Do a random act of kindness. Call a relative who you haven’t spoken to in a while or pick a charity that’s close to your heart to donate to.


Have a Valentine’s Day dance party. Pick some of your family’s favourite love songs and have a dance-off. At toucanBox HQ we love grooving to ‘All You Need Is Love’ and ‘You Are My Sunshine’. Before we put some Boys II Men on and all lament the awkward discos we went to as 11-year olds.

Don’t go breaking my heart.

Keep your heart healthy. Run laps around the park or do star jumps in the living room to get your hearts racing by exercising together.

Valentine’s postcards to colour

Say it with words.

Give out Valentine’s notes. Print out our Valentine’s Day colouring sheet template, colour them in, and give them out to spread the love.

Download Valentine’s Postcards

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