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water pistol painting

Water Pistol Painting | Outdoor Art Activity

Leave the paintbrushes in their pot and opt instead for a water pistol!

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This creative way of painting will really excite your little ones to make their very own masterpiece. You could incorporate this activity whilst teaching your child about abstract artwork and artists, particularly Jackson Pollock.

Jackson Pollock was a major figure in the abstract impressionist movement. He is well known for splashing paint onto canvas from lots of different angles to create chaotic and colourful pieces.

As you and your child paint with the water pistols encourage them to consider how the colour of the paints compliment or contrast with each other. Do they see anything in the shapes of the splattered paint?

If you are splashing and squirting with colour anyway - maybe your kids would be interested to learn why octopusses shoot with inky fluid? Check out our Facts for Kids page about amazing octopus facts that you need to know about.

Remember to do this activity outside, away from furnishings, in an open area that can be easily cleaned. Wear old clothes whilst painting and lay out newspaper for an easy clean up.

Let’s Make It

You Will Need

What To Do:

1 Mix equal parts poster paint and water.

mix water and paint

2 Fill the water pistol with the water-paint mix.

fill the pistol with watered paint

3 Lean the canvas against an outside wall or fence so that it faces towards you (if you are using paper then blu-tac the paper to a piece of card). Make sure you cover the surrounding area with newspaper so that you can easily tidy up any missed shots!Then, shoot the water pistol at the canvas or paper! Experiment with different colours and by squirting closer or further away from the painting.

shoot the canvas with paint

Once the paintings are dry you can frame and hang them or even use them as beautiful, homemade wrapping paper.

Don’t forget to tag toucanBox in your Pollock inspired water pistol paintings! We’d love to see the amazing creations you painted in the garden.

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