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Arts Award Discover

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Arts Award Discover is the first award children and young people aged from 5 to 25 can obtain in the arts, supported by Arts Council England. The programme will introduce children to new art forms and artists, and encourage them to use influences to produce and share their work.

Through Arts Award, children and young people develop creative and critical skills, set themselves challenges, explore the arts, share their achievements and can gain accreditation.

What Are The Benefits?

The Arts Award literature

Arts Award is awarded by Trinity College London, and is an amazing achievement for young people. It's nationally recognised by schools and institutions, and helps children develop key skills, not to mention an enormous amount of pride. The tasks will help your child develop confidence, self-expression, curiosity and creativity.

Arts Award Discover is all about understanding that art can be found anywhere. Children will embark on an artistic journey, learning the many different forms of art. They'll choose an artist to research and produce work inspired by them. Then they'll share their portfolio, inspiring others with their amazing achievements.

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How do I take part?

Purchase Arts Award Discover: Logbook, available now in our shop. It includes a logbook to complete alongside your toucanBox projects, plus all the guidance you and your children will need to earn the certificate in Arts Award Discover. When you sign up you'll be assigned an Arts Award adviser at toucanBox, who will send you fortnightly emails, guiding you carefully through the tasks.

Your regular toucanBox projects will play a big role in your artistic journey, not only encouraging children to create and play, but also to review their process and reflect on their creations. Once they've completed the activities in their logbook, you will need to submit it for assessment. Your adviser will review your work before sending it to Trinity College London for certification.

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How It Works

1 Purchase the Arts Award log book

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2 Complete the tasks alongside your regular toucanBox activities.

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3 Send us a photo of your portfolio for assessment

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