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We are proud to say we are winners of various prestigious awards in the field of children's toys for our fun, educational and imaginative toucanBoxes that encourage all manner of creative play! To name a few:

Share our success and promote toucanBox on your website or blog, and earn a competitive commission rate along the way. It’s easy and free to join. Using attractive offers, the toucanBox logo, banners and product links you will earn commissions on any generated subscriptions and products sold as a result of customers clicking on the toucanBox links on your website. We handle the transaction, processing and customer service.

How do I join?

If you wish to work with toucanBox please contact our Affiliates Team - ([email protected]), letting them know why you believe that your website will be a good fit with toucanBox, and including any relevant statistics.

We work with Affiliate Window in order to track publisher performance and reward our partners. Please check out our merchant profile on their network for more info information and apply to join our affiliate programme.

Membership applications are then reviewed for acceptance. You'll typically receive confirmation within 48 hours. Our team will review your site for the following things in order to accept you into our network:

Disallowed sites include: any illegal, explicit content, hate, etc. on your website, or on websites to which you link.

Once you have been approved onto the programme you will have exclusive access to a range of effective banners, product images and tools to help you best promote toucanBox.

In addition, we regularly update creative and text links, provide information about forthcoming promotions and seasonal events, and set up exclusive offers and increased commission rates to help you maximise your earnings. Plus, if you have any specific requests, we'll do our very best to help.

We look forward to working with you!