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bubble trail blower bottle

Bubble Trail Blower Bottle | Outdoor Craft

Cool off in the summer months with a bubble trail blower!

This craft is super simple to make and loved by kids of all ages.

All you need are a couple of household items to up-cycle into a fun toy for the garden.

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions and you’ll be blowing brilliant bubble trails in no time at all!

Why not have a competition to see who can blow the longest train of bubbles?

Let’s Make It

You Will Need

Download Mati Bubble Blower Printable

What To Do:

1 Cut the end off of the plastic bottle.

cut off the end of the bottle

2 Cover the open end with a thin piece of cloth or fabric. Secure the cloth or fabric with an elastic band.

cover the open end with cloth

3 Print and cut out the Mati Bubble Blower printable and tape it to the bottle.

Tape on the printable

4 Pour water into the container and add washing up liquid. You may have to shake your hands in the water to create bubbles.

make soapy water

5 Dip the cloth end of the water bottle into the soapy water.

dip the cloth in the water

6 Unscrew the bottle top and blow. Watch as the bubble trail gets bigger and bigger!

blow bubbles

Download Mati Bubble Blower Printable

Top tip: Remember to blow not suck, you could get a mouthful of bubbles!

We’d love to see your bubble trails, be sure to tag toucanBox in your social media posts so we can see your fantastic garden game crafting.

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