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snowman colouring in and crafts

Snowman colouring in and crafts

Turn your home into a winter wonderland with our snowman colouring in pages, toilet roll snowman, snowman handprint and paper plate snowman crafts! 

Winter always feels that little bit more magical when it’s snowing! So whether you’re snowed under or looking for a way to bring some fun and frosty activities to your home this winter, then our super snowman colouring in and crafts are perfect for your little snow angels! 

Snowman colouring pages 

Let’s start with some fun snowman colouring pages! Colouring in is an easy activity that all kids love. Just print off our free snowman colouring in pages and get creative! 

Did you know that snow isn’t actually white?! Snow is  translucent (which means it’s a little bit see-through) and doesn’t have a colour, but when sunshine bounces off snow it makes it look white. 

snowman colouring pages

Download Snowman Colour In Page

Learn all about the seasons and why we have them with our Seasons of the Year Colouring page! 

Download Seasons Of The Year Colour In Page

How Do You Make A Toilet Roll Snowman?

This toilet roll snowman is so easy to make! It looks super cute and is super easy to make! Even young kids can get involved when making this frosty fun craft. Just cover your work surfaces with plenty of newspaper and let the snowy crafting begin! 

Let’s Make A Toilet Roll Snowman

You Will Need


What To Do:

1 Paint the toilet roll tube with white paint and leave to dry.

2 Draw a smiley snowman face and coal buttons with a black marker pen. 

3 Use felt, ribbon, pom poms or any other decorating materials you like to accessorise your snowman! 

4 Display your toilet roll snowman! 

Why Not Share Christmas Well Wishes With A Snowman Handprint Card? 

Few things are as special as receiving a handmade Christmas card. Show your nearest and dearest how much you care with a snowman handprint card. This Christmas card craft is so easy to make and a lovely gesture to send to friends and family. 

Let’s Make A Snowman Handprint Card

You Will Need


What To Do:

1 Fold a piece of card in half. 

2 Squeeze a splodge of white paint onto a plate and dip your hand in it, make sure that your fingers and the top of your palm are covered. Position your hand so that only the top of your palm is on the card, then stamp your hand on the card. Leave to dry.

3 Once your handprint is dry, decorate your handprint to look like snowmen! Sprinkle glitter over the card and add accessories to keep your snowmen warm! Leave to dry. 

decorate the snowman handprint card

4 Write a message inside your snowman handprint card and send it to someone special! 

Decorate With A Paper Plate Snowman!

This snowman craft will certainly be the centrepiece of your wintery decorations! It’s so easy to make and kids will love to display their snowman craft. 

Let’s Make A Paper Plate Snowman! 

You Will Need


What To Do:

1 Stick googly eyes onto one of the paper plates, then use felt tip pens and black pom poms to make the rest of the snowman’s face. 

Make the face of the paper plate snowman

2 Cut out a hat shape from black card and decorate with a red strip of card and starry stickers. Stick to the top plate.

stick a hat on the paper plate snowman

3 Add glitter to the second plate and stick on three pom poms for the snowman’s buttons. 

4 Cut out some cardboard arms and stick them to the back of the second plate. Add glitter to the third paper plate to make it nice and sparkly. 

5 Use a hole punch to make holes in the top and bottom of the first plate, the top and bottom of the second plate and the top of the third plate. Then, thread ribbon through the holes in the paper plates to attach the paper plates together. Thread a loop of ribbon through the top hole in the first plate and hang your snowman up! 

stick pom poms on the paper plate snowman

We hope you have a brrrrrilliant time making these snowman crafts! Be sure to share your frosty friends with us on social media! 

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