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Chalk Paints | Outdoor Activity

Show your kids that the world is their canvas with these simple chalk paints.

All you need is cornflour and food colouring to turn your driveway or patio into a multicoloured masterpiece!

Grab some brushes and old clothes (just in case things get a little messy) then get painting!

Please note, the colours of this chalk paint may not seem particularly bright when first laid down, but let them dry in the sun and you’ll see how vibrant they really are!

Let’s Make your very own chalk paint

You Will Need

How to make the chalk paint

1 Put two teaspoons of cornflour into each compartment of the muffin tin.

two teaspoons of cornflour

2 Add four teaspoons of water to each compartment.

add four teaspoons of water

3 Add a couple of drops of food colouring to each compartment. Then mix the cornflour, water and food colouring together.

add food colouring

4 Use paint brushes to apply the chalk paint to the driveway, flagstones or concrete! You could even paint a game of hopscotch, noughts and crosses, or a number game.

decorate with chalk paints

We’d love to see your chalk paintings on social media, be sure to tag toucanBox so we can marvel at your colourful creations!

If you need to wash away your chalk paintings you can easily do so by spraying them with water.

Please note, adult supervision is required throughout. Please do not paint or play on pavements close to busy roads.


We’d love to see your creations, so why not share them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #toucanBox. Our favourite snaps could feature in the next issue of toucanBox Magazine!

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