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easter egg hunt

Free Easter Egg Riddle Cards

I have a newfound respect for the Easter Bunny.

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Every year the egg hunt is the highlight of Easter. What’s not to love? Running around excitedly, solving riddles, and uncovering hidden chocolate. It’s challenging and compelling and at the end of it you get rewarded with Easter eggs.

There are lots of different ways to organise an Easter Egg hunt. You could get lots and lots of mini prizes and hide them around the garden or the home. This is especially handy if lots of little ones are taking part. But be prepared to accidentally uncover unfound eggs when you’re doing some gardening six months later.

If you are doing the egg hunt with rather small children, we have a special activity that comes as a two-in-one-Easter activity: Download our lovely toucanoo Easter egg hunt sign and let your little ones colour it in before Easter. They will enjoy this task as much as they may be pleased about some extra help if you pin those close to the eggs at the egg hunt. Especially young ones patience isn't lasting forever and finding their own colouring in creation leading them to some treasure will be very exciting.

The second option is a riddle-filled hunt, where each clue leads you to a mini prize and another clue. Sometimes these clues are cryptic. Sometimes they rhyme. It turns out that coming up with either is quite tricky, and has led me to the conclusion that the Easter Bunny is a lyrical genius.

So to help you embark on a great egg hunt this Easter, we’ve created some cards that you can print out at home. Each rhyming riddle should let your little explorers to somewhere familiar in the house. And if you’re feeling brave, there are some blank cards to have a go at writing your own.

Download the cards

Organising a great Easter egg hunt

You Will Need

How to do the egg hunt card Easter egg hunt:

1 Download and print the egg hunt cards. Cut them up. If you want to write your own, add them to the cards.

2 Decide the order of the hunt. Leave one card out as the starting point.

3 In the location that is the answer to Hunt Card 1, hide a chocolatey prize and the next clue.

4 Hide the next prize and clue in the location that Hunt Card 2 leads you too.

5 Keep going. In the final location, leave the big prize!

The Clue card Answers (just in case)

I’m not claiming to have the flawless wordsmithery of the Easter Bunny, so here are the answers, just in case they are not decodable…

If you’ve lost the remote, And it’s not in the toaster, It’s usually fallen Down the back of the… sofa

When you arrive at the table, You’re not floating on air, You find your place And sit on a… chair

They might smell of cheese, Unless they’re brand new, You wear them to walk, It’s hidden in your… shoe

It lives in the kitchen, It wouldn’t work in a cave, Your cold beans get hot, When you put them in the… microwave


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