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Make A Frog Catching Fly Game Craft

Catch-a-fly Frog ball-in-cup game

Sometimes the oldest games are the most ribbeting. That's why we came up with this fun frog catching fly game activity for your little ones to enjoy creating a classic game and given it their own froggy-note.

I used to leap at the chance to play the classic ‘ball in a cup’ or ‘ball in a cone’ game when I was younger. And even way back then (the 1990s), it was a traditional, classic game. The cup-and-ball actually reaches all the way back to the 14th century.

Not to go into too many gruesome details, but one very traditional version involved a croaked rabbit’s skull as the ball. King Henry III of France was a fan (though it’s been said it helped diagnose his mental instability), and Jane Austin is said to have had the skills to enter into the ball-in-cup championships if her novel writing didn’t pan out. And if, of course, there was such a thing as a ball-in-cup championships.

The catching game requires a lot of practice and perfection. Persistence is rewarded as children begin to figure out particular techniques that prove more successful than others. It’s great hand-eye co-ordination practice, and once they’ve got the hang of it, they’ll be sure to start showing off their mad catching skills to their friends. They might just start a trend.

As for the frog theme? What can I say: I’m really pond of frogs. They’re fascinating creatures, living in diverse habitats all over the world. They come in all colours and, if their naming is to be believed, flavours. Though it’s not suggested you taste Knysna banana frogs or strawberry poison-dart frogs; the latter is particularly nasty.

There’s also a big of a frog renaissance going on at the moment. The Tap The Frog phone game appears to have a lot of fans leaping at the chance to send a little froggy flying, and the ever lovable Kermit is back in the limelight with The Muppets. It seems like a perfect time to make a craft starring this amazing amphibian.

Fancy making your own Feeding Froggy game? Here’s what toad do.

Frog and fly catching game

Make your own frog catching fly craft

Download Frog Template

You Will Need

Frog craft what you need

How to make the fly fly and the frog catch

1 Cut out the frog template, then paint the frog and fly. Pop them to one side and let them dry.

Paint your frog craft

2 Fold over the frog’s body and tape together. Fold over the back end and tape so it’s sealed.

Tape together frog craft

3 Tape the legs onto the frog’s body. If you’re feeling French, you can leave them off.

Add the frog legs

4 Tape a coin to the back of the fly.

Place a coin on the fly

5 Tape the string onto the fly and inside the mouth of the frog.

Tape the string to the frog and fly

How to play your frog catching fly game

When you’re ready, hold the frog in one hand. Swing the frog so the fly takes flight, then see if you can catch it in the frog’s mouth. If someone wants to have a go, just make sure you’re a tad-polite and let them (that one’s golden; thanks Mark).


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