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dragon drawing

Dragon Drawing made easy

Our simple dragon drawing step by step guide shows you how to draw a dragon! Dragons are a favourite of many children but can be fiendishly difficult to draw!

We have made a simple dragon design that kids can learn to draw through sketching and connecting simple shapes

Whilst we have tried to keep things as simple as possible, remind your child that practise makes perfect and they might need to have a few attempts before they get the dragon just right. 

Did dragons exist in the Middle Ages?

Fire breathing, treasure guarding, castle dwelling dragons may be the stuff of fairytales but there are some real world dragons that are also pretty scary! The Komodo Dragon lives in Indonesia and is as scary as any fairytale dragon. This big beast can grow to be over 3 metres long and has deadly venom that they use on their prey. Scary stuff!

Fortunately, the dragon we’re drawing today is a friendly one, with a fiery tail and big googly eyes. So just follow our instruction for dragon step by step drawing and create this cute dragon (or even a whole big colourful dragon family).

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How to draw a dragon 

Dragons are difficult even for adults to draw, so little ones can find them particularly challenging. 

Remind your child to focus on drawing the shapes to the best of their ability and not to think too much about the final drawing. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by trying to draw the entire dragon at once, so just follow the steps and see the dragon naturally start to take form. 

Grab a few sheets of paper, a pencil and a rubber. You may need to have a few attempts and start over on a couple of shapes, but every mistake is a chance to learn, to retry and to improve! 

Once you’re happy with your dragon sketch you can add details with pens, paints, glitter and whatever else you like to make your big lizard come to life.

How to draw a dragon step by step 

1 Draw two circles. Draw one big circle and one smaller circle, slightly to the left of the big circle. The smaller circle will be the head, the bigger circle will be the body.

dragon drawing step one

2 Draw two rectangles. One long rectangle connecting the head and the body and one short rectangle sticking out the side of the head. The longer rectangle will be the neck, the shorter rectangle will be the snout. 

dragon drawing step two

3 Draw two circles on the end of the snout, these will be the nostrils. Draw three mini circles on the small circle, these are the eyes and the cheek. Draw three semicircles, a small one beside the eyes, a large one on the belly and one at the base of the body, these will be the ear, belly and feet. 

dragon drawing step three 

4 To make the tail, draw a triangle next to the body. Connect the tail to the body with two lines.

dragon drawing step four

5 Add little triangles to the snout, head, body and tail to make lots of little spikes! 

dragon drawing step five

6 Make the wings by drawing two overlapping triangles, diagonal to the body. 

dragon drawing step six

7 Use an eraser to rub out any overlapping lines, then add some dragon details! 

dragon drawing step seven

8 When you’re happy with your dragon, add some colour! You could outline the dragon with a pen, use fiery reds and oranges to fill them in, or even make them multicoloured! We kept ours a classic green.  

dragon drawing step eight

Cute dragon drawings! 

We want to see your super cute dragon drawings! Show us how you got on following the step by step guide above. You can submit your dragon drawing to [email protected] or tag #toucanbox. Your dragon drawing could appear in the next issue of toucanBox magazine.

We can’t wait to see a whole flock of adorable dragon drawings!

Realistic dragon drawings

Once your child has mastered drawing a cartoon dragon they may want to try a more realistic approach. 

Realistic drawings can be trickier to get right and practise will make perfect, but there may be some frustrating first drafts! 

To get a quick, artistic result consider sketching over a picture of a detailed or realistic dragon drawing. Just place a sheet of tracing paper over the picture you like and use a pencil to trace over the lines. If you don’t have any tracing paper then baking paper is a great alternative! It’s thin enough to show the dragon design beneath and durable enough to endure pencil etchings and some eraser rubbing!

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