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milk bottle ghosts

Milk Bottle Ghosts

These milk bottle ghosts are a simple but effective way of getting your home ready for the spooky season! Trick or treaters are sure to squeal with excitement when they see a frightening family of milk bottle ghosts sitting in your window! 

This easy Halloween craft for kids only requires a couple of simple materials. It’s also a great way to give a plastic milk bottle a second life! Once Halloween is over, just take out the electric light and pop the milk bottle ghosts into your recycling bin. 

Glowing lights are one of the best ways to make the Halloween season extra atmospheric. Casting weird and wonderful shadows and creating a ghostly glow wherever they go! 

If you and your child enjoy this craft then you’ll love our limited edition Super Spooky Luminous Lantern craft! Assemble a foam cuboid and design spooky projector slide inside, then project scary Halloween shadows across the walls! Perfect for reading a scary ghost story beside! 

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How do you make milk bottle ghosts? 

It’s super simple! If you’re ready for a scare then just grab the materials below and start making your very own ghostly gaggle of milk bottle ghosts! 

You Will Need

materials needed to make milk bottle ghosts

1 Cut out a square from under the milk bottle handle, make it big enough for the electric tealight to pass through. Cutting through plastic can be difficult, especially for young children, so we only recommend this step for grown ups! 

cut out a square under the milk bottle handle

2 Use a marker pen to draw a ghost face on the milk bottle.

draw a ghost face on the bottle

3 Switch the tealight on and put it inside the milk bottle. Place the milk bottle ghost in a dark room and see how their spooky face illuminates the space! 

put the milk bottle ghost in a dark room 

4 Customise your craft by experimenting with different milk bottle sizes and shapes, different coloured markers and ghostly expressions! 

a group of milk bottle ghosts

How can I display milk bottle ghosts?

You can display your milk bottle ghosts just about anywhere! Line up a row of them on your window sills to petrify passerbys! You could even hang your milk bottle ghosts like bunting! Simply cut out some small holes on either side of each milk bottle ghost and thread a piece of string through them. Tie either end of the string up to see your milk bottle ghosts levitating in the air!  

Don’t have an electric tealight? Why not make glow stick milk jug ghosts?

If you don’t have an electric tealight then you can easily swap it for a glow stick! Glow sticks can also add an extra bit of colour to make the ghost look really funky! 

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