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poppy craft

Poppy craft and free colouring in template

Teach kids about remembrance day with a colourful poppy craft. Our free poppy template is lots of fun to decorate, whether you want a free colour-in poppy template or would like to make a lovely poppy craft. 

Our poppy template printable is fun for kids to colour in and a great activity to do whilst discussing the importance and symbolism of the poppy. 

If you’re feeling extra creative then you can use your poppy colouring in to make a beautiful poppy craft. See our suggestions for how to decorate your poppy template so that it looks extra special. 

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Poppy colouring in is one of our favourite remembrance day art ideas. It’s super simple to do with kids of all ages and a creative way to introduce them to an important national day. 

Poppy template to colour in

Download our free poppy template printable by clicking the download button below. Grab red pens and crayons to colour in, or scroll down to discover creative ways of adding colour to your poppy and how to make a beautiful poppy craft suggestions!

Download Poppy Template

poppy template download

How can I colour in my poppy template?

If you’re feeling extra creative then there are lots of ways to colour in your poppy template. Instead of using simple pens or pencils, why not try some other arty techniques?

Grab your glue, pom poms and colourful paper, it’s time to unleash your creative spirit! 
 ## Finger painting your poppy template

Get a little messy! Squirt black and red paint onto a plate, dip your fingers in the paint and dab the poppy petals with your finger tip. A dotty poppy! 

finger painted poppy template

Make your poppy template pop up!

Make your poppy template 3D by layering felt petals on top of it. Cut out lots of petal shapes from red felt and layer them on top of the poppy template, then push a split through the middle of the petals and poppy template and bend the arms back to secure. 

felt petal poppy template
 ## Glittery poppy craft
 Make your poppy template shimmer beautifully! Paint the poppy and sprinkle glitter on top before the paint dries. Or, you can use a glitter glue pen to get the same effect! Now the poppy will shimmer proudly in the sun.  

glitter poppy template
 ## Pom pom poppy craft
 Make your poppy template pop with pom poms. Use PVA glue to stick lots of little pom poms to your remembrance day craft. We recommend painting the poppy template and then sticking pom poms to it, otherwise the white spaces might show through! 

pom pom poppy template

Make a paper collage on your poppy template

Rip up lots of red paper into small squares. Scrunch up the squares and stick them to the poppy template. Your poppy will look like a mesmerising mosaic! 

paper collage poppy

Download Poppy Template

What craft can I make with my poppy template? 

Once you have a bouquet of poppies then you can make a beautiful poppy craft. We decided to decorate each of our poppy templates differently, then collected them all together to make a wreath. 

Poppy Wreath Craft

1 Draw a doughnut shape onto some card (you can do this by drawing around a big plate, then drawing around a cup in the centre) and cut out. 

2 Glue the decorated poppy templates to the card.

3 Tie a piece of string around the top of the wreath. 

4 Cut out leaf shapes from green card and stick to the back of the wreath.

5 Hang up your wreath. You could even add a small memento to the wreath, write “Lest we forget” on a piece of paper and position it at the bottom of the wreath. 

poppy wreath

Download Poppy Template

poppy template download

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