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santa handprint

Santa Handprint  

Here comes Santa Claus! Celebrate the Christmas season with our Santa handprint crafts! Make a Santa handprint card and a salt dough Santa handprint ornament! They’re the perfect way to get creative this Christmas and get kids excited for the arrival of old Saint Nick.

Let’s start with a simple salt dough Santa handprint. This cute salt dough decoration is perfect for hanging on the tree or around your house. Little ones will love mixing and kneading the salt dough and rolling it out flat. 

When it comes to decorating your salt dough Santa handprint don’t be afraid to get creative! Use glitter, experiment drawing different Santa expressions, you could even paint Santa’s hat in a traditional green colour! 

How Do You Make A Salt Dough Santa Handprint? 

Salt dough is super easy to make and a very cost effective craft. There’s no end to all the ways you can make and play with this versatile material. To make a salt dough Santa handprint just follow the simple steps below. Blast some Christmas music so that you feel extra festive whilst making your jolly salt dough Santa ornaments. 

Let’s Make A Salt Dough Santa Handprint

You Will Need


What To Do:

1 Put the flour and salt in a bowl. Stir in four tablespoons of water and mix until a soft, smooth dough is formed.

mix salt, flour and water

2 Sprinkle a little flour over a sheet of baking paper. Then use a rolling pin to roll the dough out on the baking paper to at least a ¼ inch of thickness.  

3 Place your hand flat on the rolled out dough and press down. Use a blunt knife to very carefully trace around the handprint you left. Remember, only grown ups are allowed to do this step.

cut out the hand shape

4 Use a little blob of dough to make Santa’s nose and two blobs of dough to make Santa’s moustache. Use another two blobs to make Santa’s eyebrows. Very gently press them onto Santa’s face, you can use a little bit of water to blend them in. 

make santa’s face with salt dough blobs

5 Punch a straw or paintbrush handle into the top of the salt dough handprint to make a small hole.

6 Set the Santa handprint to one side in a warm, dark space, for about three days until it has dried completely. 

7 Once the salt dough is dry, paint Santa’s face! You can sprinkle a little glitter on top to make Santa extra special and sparkly. Leave to dry. 

paint the salt dough Santa handprint

8 Loop a piece of string or ribbon through the hole in the top of the Santa handprint and tie in a knot. 

!loop a piece of string through the salt dough santa handprint](

Hang your salt dough Santa handprint on your Christmas tree or in your ho-ho-home!

loop a piece of string through the salt dough Santa handprint

Why Not Share Christmas Well Wishes With A Santa Handprint Card? 

Few things are as special as receiving a handmade Christmas card. Show your nearest and dearest how much you care with a Santa handprint card. This Christmas card craft is so easy to make and a lovely gesture to send to friends and family. 

You could even make Santa handprint cards a Christmas tradition for your family! Each year you can watch how the little handprints grow and treasure the memories from each and every Christmastime.

Let’s Make A Santa Handprint Card

You Will Need


What To Do:

1 Fold a piece of A4 card in half. 

2 Squeeze a splodge of white paint onto a plate and dip your hand in it, make sure that your fingers and palm are covered. Stamp your hand on the card. Leave to dry.

make a handprint

3 Once your handprint is dry, decorate your handprint to look like Santa! Sprinkle glitter over the card, paint a big red hat and draw a jolly expression. Leave to dry. 

decorate the Santa handprint card

4 Write a message inside your Santa handprint card and send it to someone special! 

We hope you have loads of festive fun making your Santa handprint card and salt dough Santa handprint! Be sure to share your Christmassy creations with us on social media. 

Merry Christmas from all of the toucanBox team! 

decorate the santa handprint card

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