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Yoga Pose Printable | Mindfulness May

Yoga helps to stretch and strengthen our bodies and clear our minds. This Yoga Pose Printable helps kids to learn yoga poses and follow a daily routine that keeps them healthy in both mind and body. 

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that is proven to help boost physical and mental wellbeing. Through a series of poses, movements and breathing yoga can help to improve our flexibility, strength, and headspace!

Download Yoga Pose Printable

Yoga Pose Printable

Our Yoga Pose Printable shows you some simple poses that you can include into your daily routine. Just print out and stick up on your bedroom wall, so you don’t forget to do your stretches everyday!

Use a yoga mat to make sure you are cushioned if you fall and don’t be discouraged if some poses are tricky at first, practice will make perfect! 

Put on some calming music and hold each pose for approximately 10-12 breaths. 

Following your yoga pose printable is the perfect way to start your day refreshed and to end your day peacefully.  

Download Yoga Pose Printable

Remember to practise safely and always with adult supervision. If any of the poses cause you discomfort do not continue to hold them.

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