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easy origami flowers

Super easy Origami Flower for Kids

Follow our step by step guide to learn how to make easy origami flowers that your kids will love to make and display! 

Origami made easy

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. Origami comes in lots of different shapes, sizes and colours. There have been plenty of amazing, awe-inspiring origami creations. The largest origami paper crane had a wingspan of 81.94 m (268 ft 9 in) and was created by 800 people of the Peace Piece Project. Pretty impressive! 

The intricate folds required of most origami artworks means that it can be a little difficult to begin origami as a hobby! Fortunately, not all origami is as complex as it may appear. Plenty of origami crafts are simple, suitable for kids, and result in paper artworks just as beautiful as their more intricate versions.  

Why we chose an Origami Flower Craft for Kids

We decided to choose a spring themed origami craft that is super simple but very pretty. Origami flowers only require colourful paper and a few basic folds, then they’re ready to display and decorate with! 

Origami is a great activity for kids because it helps to hone fine motor skills. Origami encourages your child to pinch, fold, shape and construct, it is a simple but effective way to practise hand movements and results in an exciting artwork

Furthermore, origami helps to teach your child all about shapes in a practical, hands on activity. As you fold and shape your origami flowers encourage your child to identify the shapes they are making with the paper. Can they see a triangle? A square? How does a shape change when it is folded in half? 

Our step by step instructions aim to make this activity super simple, so see how much your child can independently read and recreate. Reassure your child that origami takes plenty of practise and have patience as they experiment and discover. Even simple origami can be difficult for little ones to pick up straightaway, so be sure to have plenty of spare paper ready and waiting! Once they master the origami flower start to freestyle with colours, patterns and shapes to create a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers! If you are not done and your kids ask for more you can find the instructions for lovely origami hearts and floating boats on our other pages.

Let's make the Origami Flower!

You will need

And your hands of course. And that’s it!

How to make an easy Origami Flower, step-by-step instructions:

1 Fold the square in half, diagonally, to make a triangle.

origami flower instructions fold the paper square in half

origami flower instructions fold the square in half

2 Fold the triangle in half.

origami flower instructions fold the triangle in half

3 Open the fold you just made and make sure the folded line is facing upwards.

origami flower instructions open the fold just made

4 Fold the points on the base of the triangle upwards as shown.

origami flower instructions fold the point of the triangle upwards once

origami flower instructions fold the point of the triangle upwards twice

5 Turn your flower over.

turn the easy origami flower over

6 Fold back the sides of the flower as shown.

origami flower instructions fold back the corners once

origami flower instructions fold back the corners twice

7 Turn your flower over and marvel at your pretty origami creation! 

easy origami flower

What to do with your beautiful Origami Flower? 

Once you have made your origami flowers there’s plenty of things you can do with them

1 A greetings card decoration Glue your origami flower to the front of a homemade card for a floral, colourful feature! 

2 A bookmark  Slide your origami flower inside the pages of a book to help you keep track of your place with your origami flower bookmark. Let the bright petals pop out of the top of the book so that you never lose the page you’re up to. 

3 A paper bouquet  Regular flowers can wilt quickly but origami flowers last all year round! Stick your origami flowers to green card stalks or glue them to pipe cleaners. Pop your origami bouquet into a vase and see how they brighten up every room they’re in! 

4 Wall decoration Use white tack to stick your origami flowers all over your bedroom walls! These lightweight, colourful decorations are perfect for decorating indoors and making a mini meadow on your wall. 

5 Gifts and party favours Why not pop your origami flowers into party bags or use them as padding for gift bags? These pretty paper decorations will add an extra special personal touch to your gift! The best presents are always homemade. 

We hope you have fun making your origami flowers, be sure to share your beautiful blooms on social media so we can see how you’re using them. 

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