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rudolph mallow pops

Reindeer Mallow Pops!| Christmas Mallow Pops not only for kids

Little ones love the story of Rudolph and the magic of the reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh!

On Christmas Eve make sure they listen out for reindeer jingle bells and hooves landing on the roof! It might be your only chance of keeping them quiet…

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But before Christmas Eve comes around you can keep them entertained with our yummy Christmas mallow pops recipe and these fun reindeer facts!

Luckily, those big antlers look a little bit like tasty pretzels! So let’s get baking!

Let’s Make It

Makes 10 Christmas Mallow Pops

You Will Need

How to do the Marshmallow Pops:

1 Melt the chocolate in a bowl.

melt the chocolate for the mallow pop

2 Place each marshmallow on a skewer. Dip them in the melted chocolate and leave them to one side to semi set (they need to stay a little bit gooey to stick on the decorations later!)

dip the marshmallows into the chocolate

3 Add mini marshmallows for eyes and mini chocolate beans for noses (red ones are best to light the way for Santa!)

add marshmallow eyes

4 For the antlers, break a pretzel in half and stick to either side of the marshmallow. Add a dab of black writing icing to the mini marshmallows to finish off the reindeer eyes.

Cute Reindeer Christmas Mallow Pops

5 Your reindeers are ready! Gobble them as a sweet treat during the festive period or even leave out a couple for Santa!

Presentation of a bunch of Reindeer Christmas Mallow Pops

Why not give your special Rudolph Mallows Pops as a gift to your friends? They’ll love to receive a yummy, homemade treat! Wrap them up in a very special home made Christmas wrapping.

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